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How to Verify a Professional's License in Raleigh City?

Getting the right professional for your project is integral to the success and satisfactory completion of that project. In Raleigh, professionals are licensed by any of the 32 licensing boards established by North Carolina's Chapter 55B- Professional Corporations Act and other related legislation. One way to ensure that the right professional is hired is by employing only licensed professionals. For certain professionals, having a valid license is a compulsory requirement. However, for other professionals like builders and general contractors, having a valid license is only required in certain circumstances. For example, building professionals seeking contracts worth over $30,000 must possess a valid license from the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors.

To ensure you have the right professional for your project, you can contact the North Carolina Consumer Complaint Division at (919)716-6000 for license requirements and to also verify the license of the professional you intend to hire. Alternatively, you can verify the licenses of professionals in Raleigh by accessing the verification platforms of the particular board that the professional is licensed under. For example, to verify the license of a Raleigh professional in occupational therapy, you can visit the online verification portal maintained by the North Carolina Board of Occupational Therapy. If you are engaging professionals for building or home improvement projects, it may be necessary to also obtain permits from the Raleigh City Planning and Development Department. You may apply for residential or non-residential permits, accessory dwelling unit permits, and other related permits by emailing this department. You may also email this department with any permit-related inquiries that you may have.

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Do Raleigh Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Raleigh City has 5 Council Districts that elect 5 representatives to the City Council, which also has a Mayor and 2 others representatives that are elected at large. The City Council is Raleigh's legislative body and is responsible for enacting laws, setting city policy, and determining the budget for each year. To find out about your neighborhood's council district and details on your council member utilize the City Council's online map.

The Raleigh City Council does not issue building-related permits. However, it has a wide range of administrative and governmental functions, some of which include zoning and land development use within the city. In recent years, Raleigh has experienced a construction boom that continues to date. On August 18, 2021, construction of a 20 story tower said to cost about $76.4million was commenced to provide a blend of residential, office, and retail space in Raleigh. Similarly, in Downtown Raleigh, the construction of Seaboard Station which had begun some years ago was unaffected by the pandemic as construction continued right through the pandemic till this moment. In addition, Raleigh has an aspiration to create 570 affordable housing units every year for 10 years and in November 2020, passed the Affordable Housing Bond to help in achieving this goal.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Raleigh?

Residents in Raleigh can file a consumer complaint on the basis of scams, frauds, or allegations of malpractice at the North Carolina Consumer Protection Division maintained by the North Carolina Department of Justice. Complaints may be made by calling (877) 5-NO-SCAM. Alternatively, complaints may be filed online by using the appropriate complaint form and attaching appropriate supporting documents. Note that the online complaint portal only accepts four supporting documents. In cases where your supporting documents exceed this number, additional documents may be sent by mail alongside a printed copy of the application form to

  • 14 West Edenton Street
  • Raleigh, NC 27603

When a complaint is received, the consumer protection division forwards it along with all supporting documents to the business in question for a response. Where the business complained about falls under the jurisdiction of another agency, the complaint may be referred to such agency. Note that the agency only serves as a mediator between both parties to resolve disputes and cannot compel the business to take any action or instigate legal action for you. Where there is a failure to achieve a satisfactory outcome, you may file an action at the Wake County Courthouse located within the city. In some instances where a particular business has shown a pattern of illegal practices, the division may take legal action to protect the interest of the public.

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